Lady Bloom Gin & NON VIR Gin

Chapter 1:
Tuesday, 1 July 1919.
(Or should I rather date it June ‘Thirsty-thirst’ 1919.)

Not your typical Tuesday to say the least! There we were, sitting quietly, minding our own business, listening to the old man rambling on about the innovate ventures of Charles “Lucky” Luciano when they burst through the door of the speakeasy, like Bonnie & Clyde:

Him, loud and proud, dressed to the nines in a dapper and sophisticated ensemble of black and white. Simplistic, minimalistic and handsome. He announced himself with a tip of his bowler hat and fell into the armchair beside me.  More of a Western Style gent, definitely not a London Dry, I thought to myself, as I sipped and savoured on the prohibited delights in my glass. I can taste the strong flavour of juniper, bullish and bombastic but am then challenged by the elegance of cucumber and the avant-garde palate of lemongrass! He intrigues me, this stranger identified as NON VIR Gin, the new kid on the block.

She is poised and gentle, quite the opposite of her extravagant accomplice!     Lady Bloom waltzes in, draped in chiffons of lily-white, flamingo pink, baby blue and self-confident bronze. Beautiful floral, creamy and summery pleasures swirl around in my mouth. It is soft and soothing, cool and delicate. Notes of elderflower envelopes the room and please the palate. A honeyed and citrusy taste lingers a while, even after her departure.

Lady Bloom!


I hear someone call out behind me. I turn my head, and my jaw drops to the ground.

Sir Braven!?

An exciting turn of events and I wait in anticipation to see how this drama will unfold…

Relish life and Savour with Nadine!

#capellilavita #savourlavita #savourwithnadine


Nadine Botha

The mood: Life is all about drama, adventure and excitement! We are ready to experiment, to try new things, to live boldly and to be daring!

The food: Today is not about the food! Instead, I have dedicated this day to create fun, flavoursome and adventurous gin cocktails using both NON VIR Gin and Lady Bloom gin.

Our first creation is The White Lady. Lady Bloom was a perfect match as the botanical base of elderflower and juniper enhanced the flavours of orange and lemon infused in this thirst-quencher.

The second experiment begged for the NON VIR gin as the bold notes complimented the Gin & Jam cocktail perfectly! This is a fluffy and silky drink, and you can use your favourite jam or preserve when making it.

The day ended with two classic French 75’s, (Soixante Quinze).  Lady Bloom connected effortlessly with the combination of lemon juice and champagne. I used Laurent Perrier brut to seal the deal!

The song:  It’s nobody’s business but my own by Bert Williams is on the turntable, a real chart-topper in 1919.  I place my gin cocktail on the table and shimmy until out-of-breath!

Start your day right

A light breeze curves over the contours of my body. I lie eyes closed on top of my favorite vicuña throw, in a meadow of pinks, yellows, purples and blues. The aromatic scents of gardenia, rose and geranium takes over my senses and rejuvenate my soul. I listen to the trickling of water, softly flowing over ancient pebbles in the shallow creek behind me. I smile quietly, take a deep breath in, and slowly release all the tensions and stresses of the day before.

I open my eyes, reach for my bag and skip to my shared-ride, ready to take on a new day!
A care package overflowing with love and sustainable goodness, arrived at my door and opened my eyes to change, to new life and resuscitated verve! I am calm and relaxed, brave and focused. I feel lighter and healthier.

Progreenism has transformed the way I start each day. Their product range is green, healthy and hearty, one of those that purely makes your feel good, fit and renewed by simply reading about the benefits, the philosophy of its founders and the journey they embarked on. They are a young and passionate start-up focused on ethical consumerism and nourishment.

Now for the best part: savouring these pleasures!

Relish life and Savour with Nadine!

#capellilavita #savourlavita #savourwithnadine


Nadine Botha

The mood: I am excited to try something new, taking the road less travelled.

The food:  My morning starts with a warm delight of Gold Booster served in a straw wheat mug. Circle dancers of Ceylon cinnamon, peppers, turmeric and ginger embrace and invite just a dash of coconut oil. A splash of lemon lifted this pleasure ever so slightly.

My next treat I prepared the eve before. A jar of Night Oats whispers my name. It is beautifully presented: an ampule filled with riches of oats, chia seeds, sea salt, dates and more of the luxurious Ceylon cinnamon, bathed in rice milk – textures and flavours abound!

A couple of hours pass before I lavish the next course: hummus sprinkled with toasted nuts and seeds, served with melba toast and crunchy celery sticks.  Stay true to thy self, I always say, so I nominated a glass of Côtes-du-Rhône Belleruche to accompany the Yummy Hummus platter laid out before me.  The intense, deep crimson red goblet of luscious red fruits cut through the lemony hummus and enhances the tastes of white pepper, cumin and sea salt.

The song: The witty melody, Taylor, by Jack Johnson keeps the fun times going and I spritz a couple of bursts of Fancy Face to stay cool on this luminous summer’s day!

Hazendal Roussanne 2018

A vast expanse of shimmering, cerulean blue water surrounds us and there is not a nimbostratus cloud in sight. A picture-perfect day to set sail on the Galapagos of Russia!

Lying face down on the upper deck, wilting in the sun, and taking in the majestic panoramic view through the underwater window, allowing exclusive access to the grandiose splendor of the aquatic life inhabiting the crystal clear waters of Lake Baikal

He places a glass down next to me, smiles mischievously and, recites our favorite couplet from Alexander S. Pushkin’s poem I still remember that amazing moment.

I drown in every romantic utterance that leaves those beautiful lips, my senses heightened by the striking aromas escaping the glass of Hazendal Roussanne 2018, nestled lovingly in my hand.

I detect a delicate scent of fragrant florals – I think its orange blossom – and the sweet and lush aroma of apricots and gooseberries! The next layer that caresses my nose is a very faint bouquet of powdered honey massaged into the buttery batter of a fluffy French brioche, sublime!

The Hazendal Roussanne 2018 is a sophisticated and stimulating indulgence. On the palate, it is a soft, gentle and tender lover, a devoted kindness that hugs your tongue while you swirl around the pale yellow, liquid bursts of forbidden fruit in your mouth. Its sensual embrace develops into a velvety, smooth amalgam of the same freshly baked brioche and beeswax that delighted the nose.

I take in the sights of the Trans-Baikal conifer forests and tilt my glass toward his.

Na Zdorovie!

Relish life and Savour with Nadine!

#capellilavita #savourlavita #savourwithnadine


Nadine Botha

The mood:  It is an idle, sunny August afternoon, and we are slowly drifting away, in love, in celebration.

The food:  The Hazendal Roussanne 2018 perfected and complemented our lunch of Norwegian salmon, salad and sourdough bread. The salmon steeps casually in a lime and chilly cuddle, just for a few minutes, before placed under the grill. Fresh basil pesto is then sparingly trickled over the rich and meaty flesh of this superior fish. To add to this pleasure:  indulge in a foursome of frilly lettuce, green apple, roasted nuts and a generous helping of authentic Greek feta made from a combination of sheep’s and goats milk! A fresh, crunchy, rich, creamy and tangy mistress that couples wonderfully with both the salmon and Hazendal Roussanne 2018.  A side of 100% sourdough bread with a voluptuous dollop of crème fraîche clinches this spread!

The song: Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles encourages our naughty but nice afternoon onboard our charted yacht. I am in love with being in love and cherish every giggle, tickle and touch.

Damascene Syrah 2018

Its gaze is proud, powerful and confident, scrutinizing my next move.
My mind conjures up images of the Viking King Olaf Tryggvason who has come to attack my pallet and conquer my senses! I accept the challenge. In fact, I look forward to it!
I am not intimidated; it is quite the opposite. I am enthralled by this creature and impatiently, eagerly await to taste its treasures while I leave it to breathe for a while.
The Damascene Syrah 2018 is a robust and full-bodied red wine, which has a strong but earnest embrace; it is rich and intense but surprisingly light. It ambushes your mouth with tastes of cherry, blackberries and black peppercorns. Each chalice filled with a smooth, dark, ruby red -almost purple- luxurious liquid that amorously stains the battlefield of tastes inside my mouth.
Every encounter with the Damascene Syrah 2018 warrior carries a faint note of cigar and leather as well as a beguiling smokey scent of grilled meat. Lavender notes complete this sensory invasion and leaves you feeling bewildered and in awe of this mighty ruler that has taken over your kingdom!

I pour myself another glass, admit defeat and surrender to the new king of Syrah!

Relish life and Savour with Nadine!

#capellilavita #savourlavita #savourwithnadine

Nadine Botha

The mood: I am lounging in front of the fireplace; its warmth hugs my soul. Outside the snow has clothed nature in a majestic white winter gown that glistens underneath the arctic sun. It is quiet and peaceful, and I am cosy and comfortable.

The food: The Damascene Syrah 2018 is the unadulterated spouse that respects the rich and indulgent platter of slow-braised lamb shanks I prepared earlier today. This dish is obsequious, indulgent, rich and moreish. It leisurely bakes for about 5 hours dressed in black garlic, half a cup of the Damascene Syrah, Israeli tomatoes and homemade stock infused with bone marrow, dried rosemary, shallots and pink peppercorns. Once done, it falls off the bone, gelatinous and soft, bursting with flavour. A side dish of baked potatoes seasoned with salt, Italian flat-leaf parsley, topped with a sprinkle of hard goat’s cheese, accompanies each mouthful! I merely added the carrots for colour, as this meal was not about balance, but about little bites of unctuousness!

The song:  If the world was ending by JP Saxe plays in the background, we are mesmerized by the erratic dance of the scarlet and amber flames and captivated by the scent of seasoned ash wood burning in the fireplace while dreaming of what tomorrow might bring

Virgin Mary Spiced Tomato Juice


I know what you are thinking: This is not champagne Nadine?! Where are all the boisterous bubbles dancing on your tongue? Are you feeling okay? Has something happened?

My fellow foodies and wine-lovers, have I got news for you! No matter your staple preference, be it bubbly or wine, you are guaranteed to fall in love with the-oh-so versatile and super tasty, Virgin Mary Spiced Tomato juice!

Beautifully presented in a petite and sexy little glass bottle, outfitted with a contemporary and hip abstract design of the unassuming and undervalued Peruvian apple!

This tomato cocktail outshines any I have ever sampled before! It’s superior in quality and taste, and surprisingly light and refreshing. It’s velvety red juice bursts of spices of onion, celery and chili but also takes good care not to overwhelm the sensitive pallets amongst us. It is surprisingly skinny in texture, not the usual gloopy gulps of tomato juice which is rather unpleasant to swallow. Every sip is full-bodied and garnished with flavours of homemade Worcestershire Sauce and mustard and you can even taste the saltiness of the Atlantic Ocean in it!

This virgin is health-conscious and she contains no added sugars nor preservatives! It is a treat for vegan and carnivore alike, and its uses are endless!

Grab yourself a bottle or 6, and let the creativity flow! Whether in the mood to assemble a gazpacho, or to impress your neighbors with an icy cold Red Snapper, the Virgin Mary Spiced Tomato Juice is the star of your show!

Relish life and Savour with Nadine!

#capellilavita #savourlavita #savourwithnadine

Nadine Botha

The mood: It’s a sweltering 31 degrees Celsius and I am in desperate need of something ice cold and invigorating!

The food: The Virgin Mary Spiced Tomato Juice nearly drove me insane! I had so many ideas bouncing around in my head, there are so many delights and pleasures that one could make with this tiny bottle of enchantment! So why not make two!

The lead actor in my show is the Virgin Mary boozy ice lolly! Into the volcano of tomato juice, pour a gulp of premium quality vodka, and a pinch of cumin and a nip of smoked paprika. Then mix in sprinkles of crispy fried bacon and pickled jalapeños. Place inside the freezer to set, and enjoy these ultra-cool and spicy treats on a hot summer’s day!

The supporting act is the classic Michelada!  Embellish a wide rimmed glass with homemade celery salt, then add half a bottle of the Virgin Mary Spiced Tomato Juice, and top of with your favourite Mexican beer! I served this with a bowl of mushroom crisps. The intense and earthy flavours of the dried mushrooms perfectly complimented the spicy tones of the beer cocktail.

The song:  We’re outside, swaying back and forth on the garden swing, lollies in hand and in mouth, and mumbling the lyrics of Memories by Maroon 5.

Brut Chardonnay MCC 2018

Preparing for the arrival of royalty is no simple task! What do I wear? When do I speak and what do I say? What do I call her? My heart skipped a beat when I met her gaze – Siwela MCC – and I knew then and there that I was in for an extravagance never enjoyed before! I could not wait a moment longer to savour a glass of the newfangled, young and spirited bubbly that has taken our country by storm!

The Siwela Brut Chardonnay Méthode Cap Classique is of the African soil and you can taste the earth, the passion and the determination of her creator in every sip!  This MCC is the young queen of South Africa and majestically fills out her thrown with golden liquid delight, brooks of amber sunshine run through her veins.

Her crown is 100% Chardonnay and she bestows gifts of green apple, straw and hints of lime to those who observe and indulge in her fluid pleasures on offer. She is graceful but bold in flavour with layers of concentrated yet soft, velvety tastes, leading your pallet with precision and power, resulting in a creamy rounded mouthfeel.

This MCC knows who she is. She is assertive and strong, and parts with a robust dry freshness after every oral banquet she attends. Her perfume of vanilla and oak cloaks your nostrils as you reach for the first sip, and lingers in the air as she glides down your throat.

The Siwela Brut Chardonnay MCC 2018 leaves a legacy of beauty and strength and is the perfect wine to enjoy on a summers afternoon under the African sun, surrounded with like-minded queens and kings, princes and princesses!

Relish life and Savour with Nadine!

#capellilavita #savourlavita #savourwithnadine

Nadine Botha

The mood: It is the day after South Africa’s monumental battle against the English Roses from which we emerged as victors of the 2019 Rugby World Cup Championship! We are hungover with happiness, elation, adoration and feel invincible!

The food: The Siwela Brut Chardonnay MCC 2018 was the perfect partner to the Cape Hope squid salad I prepared for lunch. This dish is unctuous and full of flavor and pleaded for a glass of bubbly just as rich, lush, and intense on the pallet as this salad delivers with each bite! The squid is flash fried for a couple of minutes and sealed with a kiss of Spanish smoked paprika, before it is dressed in a liquid of virgin olive oil, sesame seed oil, fresh ginger and chili and a splash of balsamic vinegar. It is then lovingly sprinkled with black and white sesame seeds then gently arranged on a bed of micro greens, basil and cilantro.


The song: I take a seat at the head of the table, my thrown for today, and raise a glass of Siwela MCC whilst my admirers chime ‘All hail the queen!  With a single nod of the head, the orchestra starts playing Royals by Lorde and the feast begins!

Silverthorn The Genie MCC

Growing up, I often overheard the wise warn ‘be careful what you wish for, it might just come true!’ And so it has….

It appeared out of nowhere, a gorgeous carafe of Silverthorn Méthode Cap Classique Rosé Brut, smack bang in the middle of my dining room table. It mischievously arrived without notice or invitation, and tempted me with its alluring paisley jacket of purples, blues and pinks!

I slowly peeled off its silver tarboosh and closed my eyes in anticipation! As the cork left the mouth of the bottle, he softly hissed and then The Genie made himself known! True to tradition and mystical folk tales, I was granted three wishes.

My first request was for a glass filled with something different, rare, extraordinary, exotic and brave! And just like that, my wish was granted! I was holding a goblet of lusciousness, a Rosé Brut MCC made from Shiraz? A rarity indeed and an inspirational interruption from the usual Pinot Noir Brut Rosé!

I then commanded to experience the tastes and smells of ancient Persia, and was not disappointed! Turkish delight and the soft scent of the Damask rose filled my nostrils whilst raspberry sprites and strawberry pixies pirouetted on my taste buds!

My third and final assertion was for an infinite spring of Silverthorn The Genie Méthode Cap Classique Rosé Brut to appear outside on the terrace, so that I could enjoy it at any time of my choosing, but The Genie merely tittered, and decided to provide me with a light snack to pair it with instead!

The notorious trickster is now indebted to me and I will most certainly claim the last of my three wishes and reward myself with one more bottle of The Genie!

Relish life and Savour with Nadine!

#capellilavita #savourlavita #savourwithnadine

Nadine Botha

The mood: It is a mysterious mist that is hanging over the valley and a sense of uncertainty fills the room!

The food: The Genie approved a nimble eat with this chalice of delight! A Cloud Bread BLT – layers of crispy cherry wood smoked bacon, bunches of Genovese basil finely chopped and sprinkled on top of luscious slices of tomatoes, balanced perfectly with the crispy freshness of Romaine lettuce leaves and all tied together with a lemon and black pepper infused mayonnaise! All of this goodness stacked in between two slices of fluffy homemade Cloud Bread!

The song: I am drifting through time and space on a magic carpet ride (Persian of course) swaying to the words of Imagine dragons – Thunder, eyes closed and senses heightened!  

Paul René MCC

Well tickle me pink James! At last an MCC which is both playful and serious, equally cotton candy and caviar, all wrapped into one beautifully refined flagon. Sugar and spice (and ribbons and bows and bubbles a plenty), and all things nice!
She arrives at your dinner table, lounging lazily in a chic yet flamboyant carrier bag, similar to the one she uses on her Friday afternoon retail therapy session at Les Grands Chais Monegasques in Monaco, after a tiring day of planning the event of the week: tomorrow’s wine and bubbly high tea! She wears a fashionable scarf, draped around her neck, a gift she bought herself at Carré d’Or!
Each droplet of the Paul René Méthode Cap Classique resembles a series of pink clouds at sunset, giving you a glass swathed in a subtle shade of pink. It is dainty and nimble on the tongue, and cascades the back of your throat with layers of cool and crisp silkiness, ever so inviting!
Its nose transports you to a garden lush with the magnificent scents of carnation and fire lily. Closing your eyes before taking a sip inspires a chi of romance and love, of confidence and poise, and of luxury and opulence!
I adore the palate of strawberry and cherry, soft yet naughty, and welcome the bountiful flavors of fresh red fruits on a blistering summer’s day!
The Paul Rene MCC is a creation of love and passion, and you can physically feel it in every drop!

Relish life and Savour with Nadine!

#capellilavita #savourlavita #savourwithnadine

Nadine Botha

The mood: We are preparing a Sunday banquet, the air is filled with excitement and the kitchen has come alive!

The food: We are serving the Paul René Méthode Cap Classique as an aperitif, together with our amuse bouche of classic bruschetta. I massage each piece of crusty goodness with fresh garlic, drizzle it with extra virgin olive oil, before baking it for a couple of minutes. I then immerse the Israeli tomato in olive oil, balsamic vinegar and red chili flakes. Each mouthful is served on individual blankets of fresh basil and blessed with a sprinkle of cracked black peppercorns!

The song: The scene is set: I am seated at my usual table in the Casino de Monte Carlo, enticing lady luck to join me in this round of French roulette, glass of Paul René Méthode Cap Classique in hand, when our eyes meet. Bond, James Bond – he introduces himself whilst Golden Eye, performed by Tina Turner plays quietly in the background.

Nadine Botha

It is no secret that I live and breathe champagne, that it is the reason why I was placed on this flat earth. I am almost certain that this divine and sparkling gift straight from the gods has replaced the water that used to make up 75% of my body! And Laurent-Perrier most likely takes up 60% of that space!
An exquisite bottle of LP (LP: as I fondly refer to my champagne soulmate) is my guilty pleasure, my hunky NYC firefighter that rescues me from the proverbial fire that life traps me in now and again, my mystical guru that lifts my spirit when I feel low, and my gorgeous husband whose mere presence soothes the soul and fills your heart with gratitude.

The House of Laurent-Perrier has numerous riches to offer, but this time around I chose to indulge in a bottle of La Cuvée. This champagne is refined, elegant, light and delicate, like Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel floating down the Famous Champs Elysées Avenue in Paris. 
Every glass of pale gold is softly textured, almost creamy and tenderly tastes of peaches and lemon. Each sip is invigorating and refreshing, but a single serving of La Cuvée is a mere tease, and I recommend at least two!

La Cuvée

The mood: I am wearing my favourite pair of Walter Steiger’s, am donned in pearls and suffused in Chanel’s Mademoiselle eu de parfum. I feel feminine and fabulous!
The food: I paired the Laurent-Perrier La Cuvée with a refreshing Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl. I choose to sear the tuna first, let it cool down and then soaked it in a rich umami mixture of soy sauce, red chilli flakes and sesame oil. When I simply could not wait a minute longer to taste this enchanted marriage of champagne and tuna, I topped it off with fresh strawberry, avocado, jalapeño thinly sliced, and tossed it all together with crispy microgreens and white sesame seeds! 
The song:   Just before serving heaven on a plate and in a flute, take centre stage and confidently perform Lana Del Rey’s entranced track, Young and Beautiful!

Relish life and Savour with Nadine!

#capellilavita #savourlavita #savourwithnadine

Delaire Graff Indopop

The mood: It is a romantic eve, dinner is to be served outside under the stars!

The food: Indopop is the perfect companion for the spicy and creamy Moroccan prawns I make with loads of garlic, ginger, smoked paprika, cumin and red cayenne peppers! I serve this with a fresh side salad of micro herbs and leaves, green apple, fennel and celery, which is generously coated in a mint and dill infused crème fraiche dressing!

The song: After dinner, take the hand of your partner, lie down, and stargaze whilst listening to All of Me, by John Legend, then close your eyes and softly press your lips against theirs.

Relish life and Savour with Nadine!

#capellilavita #savourlavita #savourwithnadine

Nadine Botha

We recently had the pleasure of imbibing a bottle of Delaire Graff Indopop! This was indeed an extravagant indulgence as this bottle of wine is exclusively produced for their restaurant, Indochine.  They have only bottled 1200 units, so a rare treat indeed!

After removing the bottle cap – yes, you read correctly, an actual silver bottle cap, no cork necessary for this ultra-cool design – the aroma of rose water, followed by jasmine, although feint, fills your nostrils and reminds you of that day you spent in Marrakech, at the Souk des Teinturiers street market, where you were hugged and caressed by all of the beautiful and natural perfumes of nature!

The first sip left me confused though as it was not what I had expected at all! I was of the impression that this trendy looking bottle of white wine, was precisely that: just a delicious white variety, but instead, I felt hundreds of little bubbles shooting around in my mouth! It is not a sparkling wine nor MCC, but it has a light effervescence to it! You can imagine my delight!!

It tastes of green melon and has a muskiness in its palette (similar to the memorable piquancy of a slightly over-ripe papaya), which I found to be very unique, and pleasantly different! It has a rich structure and a dry sweetness, which is perfect for pairing with spicy and fiery cuisines. And once again you are whisked away to Marrakech and reminded of the romantic meal enjoyed at La Mamounia with a complete stranger you met earlier that day whilst watching the waves crash onto the shore at Sidi Kaouki.

This wine leaves you inspired and craving for more! More of it, and more of love, life and adventure!

Nadine Botha

The Zorgvliet Blanc de Blancs Methode Cap Classique Reserve Vintage 2015 is one of my favourite every-day drinking MCC’s. Each flute is jam-packed with fizzy fun, which tickles the inside of your mouth, as your swirl around gulps of liquid sunshine!

It is light, zesty and crisp on the palate and pairs wonderfully with seafood dishes, curries and a variety of cheeses, and is equally enjoyable as an aperitif before a scrumptious meal.

Simply writing about it makes me smile as it is such a fun and cheeky glass of bubbly! On the nose, it is slightly sweet and positively vibrant, and leaves a lasting impression of green fruits in the back of your throat after each swallow, a superb finish!

We should celebrate life every chance we get and this is the MCC to celebrate with –exceptional value for money!

The Zorgvliet Blanc de Blancs Methode Cap Classique Reserve Vintage 2015

The mood: I am twirling around in my living room, I feel unrestricted, optimistic and ready to have oodles of fun!

The food: The Zorgvliet Blanc de Blancs Methode Cap Classique Reserve Vintage 2015 transforms our much-loved Saturday afternoon tempura prawn dish, which I serve with a light soy sauce infused with spring onion, dried chilli flakes and white sesame seeds. Mouthfuls of buttery richness in every bite!

The song: Grab your flute of Zorgvliet, turn up the volume and join Justin Timberlake, because you just Can’t Stop the Feeling!

#capellilavita #savourlavita #savourwithnadine

Nadine Botha

Bodacious, boisterous bubbles bouncing on your tongue!! This is what it feels like when taking your first sip of Deetlefs Estate Methodé Cap Classique Brut 2017! Let it linger for a few seconds, and enjoy the fizzy fun as each bubble softly bursts in your mouth! Now, close your eyes, inhale deeply and enjoy the soft smell of citrus and hints of vanilla – pure bliss!

This MCC is the only white pinotage sparkling wine in the country and speaks to the more distinguished pallets amongst us.  Each coupe full tastes of apple pie, and concludes the adventure with a zesty, almost lemony, after taste. This beautiful liquid is a toned-down shade of gold in colour, with a slight green tint, reminding you of everything fresh and natural that we love. The effervescence of this bubbly is much softer when compared to the many other MCC’s I have savoured before. It is delicate and more toned down – one could say that it is a much better-behaved glass of MCC!

Deetlefs Estate Methodé Cap Classique Brut 2017

The mood: A lazy, sunny Sunday afternoon at home. No emails to answer, mobile is on silent and life is good!

The food: The Deetlefs Estate Methodé Cap Classique Brut 2017 pairs beautifully with a serving of duck liver pate. The duck liver pate is very rich and creamy and melts in your mouth! The natural acidity of the MCC cuts through the richness of the pate and brings out the intense umami flavor it has been blessed with. The pate is served on a light melba toast, and finished off with a selection of three toppings: thinly sliced fig preserve, black olive tapenade; and organic strawberries!

The song:  To complete this wonderful tasting journey you are on, take a bite of duck liver pate, and then sanctify it with a generous mouthful of Deetlefs MCC whilst tapping your foot to the comforting beat of Jack Johnson’s Better Together.

Relish life and Savour with Nadine!

#capellilavita #savourlavita #savourwithnadine

Deetlefs Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2018

I do not usually opt for a Sauvignon Blanc in the heart of winter, but after sampling a glass of Deetlefs Vintage 2018, consider my mind changed!

This was a very interesting olfactory experience for me as the bouquet changed whilst I left my glass all on its own and started prepping for entrees. The first nose was more resonant and tart, but this later developed into an aroma that reminds me of the smell of broken twigs. I know this may sound odd and a tad unpleasant, but it is not. It smells of the earth – that fragrant whiff that hits you after a glorious night of rain on the Highveld, woodsy and fresh! I could literally, almost taste this too!

The Deetlefs Sauvignon Blanc Vintage 2018 is also vivacious, vibrant and fresh and is an easy wine to pair with a variety of cuisines. It is an elegant wine for all occasions and soothes the soul on a dreary winter’s afternoon.

Nadine Botha

The mood: Saturday vibes, although cold!

The food: The Deetlefs Sauvignon Blanc Vintage 2018 paired beautifully with our escargot entrée. Imagine a steaming serving of escargot hidden within a gorgonzola and vintage cheddar bath, creamy and garlicky, and finished with a touch of freshly cracked black pepper.  It’s a moreish and delectable dish, which demands a serving of crusty bread to dip into the puddle of oozy deliciousness!

The song:  Whilst allowing your glass of Deetlefs to develop those magical aromas and tastes, turn the volume up, sit back and heed the lyrics of Ho Hey, by The Lumineers.

Relish life and Savour with Nadine!

#capellilavita #savourlavita #savourwithnadine