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Jacques Lagrange


Couture:Jacques LaGrange Couture

Photographer: SJ van Zyl

Model: Karabo Maape from D&A Model Management

Hair & Makeup: Morne Marx

Stylist: Tegolin Markham


Discover the three Pinotages of Deetlefs

Deetlefs currently produces three different ranges of wine, each with a unique story and specific purpose. The ranges include Deetlefs Familie, Deetlefs Estate and Stonecross.
Since 1994 the focus has been on international markets and today more than 80% of the wine production is exported, taking Deetlefs to all corners of the globe.





South Africa’s newest bespoke Gin distillery

Autograph’s inspiration and identity lies in the rich, colourful history of a thousand years of gin making. Autograph
is the embodiment of this timeless tradition, encapsulating years of passion, inspiration and discovery.
Like the first bottles of gin painstakingly created by medieval monks, each bottle of Autograph is carefully crafted
by hand. It’s unique taste is derived from the blended botanicals and fynbos carefully selected by it’s master
Every drop is curated by hand, each sip is an expression of shared pleasure and passion – the finishing touch on
the story of gin.



From over-engineered formulas to carefully selected, pure ingredients.
From over-glamorised hair dos to real authentic hairstyles.
From perfectly retouched beauty imagery and distant corporate communication to visuals that are real and an honest direct discussion.
From a fast-paced life to also taking time to disconnect.
Today’s generation is part of a wider philosophy, demonstrating a desire for truth and authenticity.

Cape Town

Gorgeous George

Local design and boundary-pushing innovation meet at Gorgeous George, the new hotel in the heart of downtown Cape Town. Whether you stay for one night or two weeks, it is the ultimate destination to truly experience the Mother City like a local.

Cape Town

David Griessel

My drawings may simply appear to be whimsical fantasy scenes, but in actuality the themes I attempt to visualize are often very serious and extremely personal:  My art walks the tightrope between playfulness and solemnity, whimsy and pensiveness.  Occasionally I use picture book illustration as an idiom to express my ideas. 


Bruce Smith

Bruce Smith began shooting as a professional fashion photographer back in 1983, the black and white ball gown image was his first fashion photography commissions.
Since then he has continued to produce stunning and incredibly memorable fashion, portraits, and fine art photography images, celebrity portraits, art nudes and boudoir style portraiture photography.

Cape Town

Triple Three Distillery

Experience this masterpiece of pear brandy.
The spirit expresses exceptionally concentrated
pear flavors. The Elgin Valley east of Cape Town
provides the very best climate for this fruit. Hand
selected pears are fermented and distilled in
traditional German copper potstills.a

Cape Town


We cultivate our water directly from the clear blue sky. Cooled and condensed, this air ultimately forms the crisp soft drops that is AQUASKY®. Filtered and sterilised through ultraviolet, ensures the clean quality of each drop without depleting any of the earth’s precious resources – making this the Art of Pure Water.

Western Cape


Honeysuckle: House of Honey offers a range of hand-made natural skincare products made with natural beeswax, raw honey, propolis and oils such as avocado, sweet almond, eucalyptus, organic olive oil, essential oils, Aloe Ferox Leaf Extract, Pomegranate Leaf Extract etc.  Honeysuckle will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and smelling delicious!

Cape Town

Coast & Koi

Our trademarks are inspired feminine designer shoes that combine bold colours and stunning embellishments with a holistic approach to shoe making. Each pair of shoes is a bespoke custom design and by definition is one of a kind.


Capelli La Vita Issue 6 has proved to be another magical journey meeting new friends from all over the world. Each meeting has brought me inspiration to do more. Everyone of you in your own way has shown me that with commitment and passion for what you do there are no limits to what you can achieve.

Thank you to you all for being a part of Capelli La Vita
Regards Garry Frasca Editor.

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