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Luxury is in the search to find new experiences, reaching beyond that of the ordinary, finding the extraordinary. Luxury is more than being exclusive it is a feeling filled with layers. Coffee can be luxuries, its taste, fragrance, aromas that fill a room and are yet unique to the taster. Cream added takes the luxury to another level. Blends, make it even more unique. Coffee envelopes styles, flavour, different and yet the same, its coffee.

A piece of silk has the feel of luxury and when turned by the designer into a garment it becomes couture that is alive, flowing and enrobing the body with its texture, lightness and opulence.

Bricks and mortar when but together with design and form becomes architecture that encompasses the feel of nature when in the bush or grand opulence when combined with the hand of a master interior decorator.

We all search for that special moment in time that will alter us forever. It could be in a single piece of handmade jewellery. That once in a lifetime wedding venue. Your dream destination. The best in dining experiences. A glass filled with bubbles for that special day or a moment shared. Wines to tantalize your senses. Liquid ambrosia’s in all forms to be savoured with your eyes closed and remembered.

That unique combination that will have you turning our pages finding new delights to tempt and satisfy all your senses.

Our search will continue in each issue to find that defining moment that will take your breath away and transport you to a new dimension of experience.

Garry Frasca-Editor Capelli La Vita

Capelli La Vita
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Visuals and content
a brief moment captured.

Every dream can be captured in that one picture.
 More than ever before with the growth of the internet, visuals are playing an integral part in all story telling.
Here in Capelli La Vita this is of vital importance. We are all transported to our future and past experience by the briefest of glances at that which catches our eye. Experiences are planned and remembered visually. Pictures are carried with us every day to remind us of our dreams and loves. We hope to always be able to bring to you not only content that will delight but visuals that will inspire you to become a part of the dream.

 “What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

— Karl Lagerfeld

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