Here are 5 SBS facts

I never followed any course on cocktails or photography. I learned it all with Served By Soberon
I’m most passionate about Rum; with Jamaica, Guyana and Martinique producing my favorites, but I don’t discriminate
The wooden mannequin you often see in my pictures (and is here with me) is called Atticus.
Then it comes down to cocktail culture, I love both Tiki and Pre-Prohibition the most.
I wake up between 5:30 and 6:00 every morning (yes even during holidays) to read and write about spirits and cocktails !
So! That’s it! If there’s any other questions, please do ask! Have a beautiful day.

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About Matthias Soberon

Served By Soberon
One man's journey through the world of spirits and cocktails

My name is Matthias Soberon and I’m from Belgium, land of chocolate, beer and waffles. I’m a teacher, author and founder of ‘SERVED BY SOBERON’, a cocktail- & spirits blog which saw the light of day in February 2017.
Both my blog and Instagram focus on every possible spirit and liqueur. I’ve written series of articles on lesser known gin styles (The Soberon’s Specials) and Belgian Rum Brands (The Rum Ramblings), designed cocktails for special occasions like David Tennant’s visit to FACTS, yet also focus on alcoholfree cocktails: During Tournéé Minerale I shared an article for which I created no less than 20 ‘mocktail’ recipes!
I’ve also been a guest bartender (Café Privé, Tequila & Mezcal Fest, BiBB pop up and  Venuez.) and got nominated as one of the five finalists of the 2017 Belgian Food Blog Awards in the category DRINKS.



If there are three ingredients that are made for each other, it’s Mezcal, Chartreuse and Pineapple. I’m talking Holy Trinity Heavenly Delight here, not just ‘om nom nom’ (for those who were gonna say ‘Gin, Campari and Sweet Vermouth’, you get half a point and A for effort). For today’s drink I mixed the three aforementioned ingredients with lime juice and added some serious heat, not for the faint of heart.

To create this mad libation, I used Tabasco’s brand new ‘Scorpion Sauce’, of which I received a sample in the mail. This ‘150th birthday celebratory edition’ is 20(!) times hotter than the regular @Tabasco, kicking your face numb in the best way possible, with a blend of scorching Scorpion peppers supported by Guava and Pineapple, to keep it palatable.
Seriously, this drink was like a Mexican standoff between fire and ice, heaven and hell, light and darkness. Sweeping my tastebuds from one side of my mouth to the other, like they were in a Lucha Libre fight… But it was SO GOOD. If you like it hot, this one’s for you



– 50ml Mezcal (100% Espadin)

– 30ml Lime Juice

– 15ml Green Chartreuse

– 15ml Giffard Carribean Pineapple

– 1 dash Tabasco Scorpion Sauce

Shake all ingredients with crushed ice for 12 – 15 seconds and open pour in a tumbler.

Top with more crushed ice, 2 dashes of Tabasco and garnish with dehydrated pineapple.

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  • 60ml/2oz @grandmarnierbe
  • 120ml/4oz Tonic (Thomas Henry Indian)

Build over ice

Stir gently

Garnish abundantly!


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The quest for the new tonic-highball hype continues, and after trying about every base spirit, from Gin, Rum and Whisky to Tequila and most Fortified Wines like Port, Sherry or Vermouth we’ve landed in the world of liqueurs. While I personally wouldn’t have thought of it myself, after #GrandMarnier sent me a bottle to try it, I had to give it the fairest of chances, all in the name of experimentation, of course!

Luscious and rich, coming in a bottle that resembles the classic Cognac Stills, the world renowned French Orange Liqueur needs little to no introduction, but where in the past I mainly used it in bold and more classic recipes, pairing it with Tonic gave the Cordon Rouge a fresh vibe to it! Whether it’ll become a ‘heavy rotation highball’ is a question only time will answer but it opens a world of possibilities I haven’t ventured into before. And that, I like! Have you ever paired Grand Marnier with tonic?

The 'Zaza'


Dubonnet Rouge


The ‘Zaza’ is one of those cocktails named after a (Broadway) play originating in the late 19th Century. The main character, Zaza, is a prostitute turned music hall performer who falls in love with a married man. Oh the drama! It’s a pre-Prohibition era drink that calls for Dubonnet Rouge, a French wine Liqueur containing quinine, used to help the French Troops in North Africa fight off malaria. While you can often substitute ingredients with others, don’t do it with Dubonnet, it gives this cocktail its unique flavour profile



The ‘Zaza’

4,5cl Gin

4,5cl Dubonnet Rouge

1 dash Angostura Bitters

Shake the three ingredients with ice and strain in a pre-chilled glass.
Twist some lemon peel over the result.
There are several recipes, quoting different proportions, I went for the Savoy Cocktail Book recipe.


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Brockmans Gin


Since my home bar is located in my parents’ basement, it occasionally happens they come down to ask if I’m able to shake something up for them as well (and of course I never say no, ’cause without their support, there would be no SBS as you know it).Even though I know perfectly what they like and dislike (They always have to try my drinks either way), I still ask for any preferences when making them an ‘entire drink’. Hurrah for a little bit of home bar hospitality.
Last time my mom was in the mood for ‘something with berries’yet sadly I didn’t have anything fresh at hand (a pretty rare occasion). YET, luckily I had a bag of frozen berry mix in the freezer… So I grabbed it and created the cocktail you see. Nothing too complex, nor fancy (except for the schmancy glassware): A mixed-citrus Gin Sour, made with the fruity @brockmansgin as a base, shaken with a handful of frozen berries. Easy ingredients (no bitters, craft syrups or rare liqueurs), quickly produced and very approachable for entry-level cocktail drinkers.(Though at this point my parents are at a pretty advanced level already)


– 60ml Brockmans Gin
– 20ml Lemon Juice
– 10ml Lime Juice
– 20ml Simple Syrup
– A handful of Frozen berries
Shake all with plenty of ice and strain in prechilled coupe. Express and discard lemon twist.


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